Paris, France

Programme : rénovation extension d’un centre sociale
Maîtrise d’ouvrage : Paris Habitat OPH
Equipe :  Grafilles, NOX
: complète
Calendrier : Chantier en cours
Surface : 680 m² (surface de plancher)

Rénovation et extension d’un centre social situé à Paris dans le quartier de Belleville.
Le projet consiste en la rationalisation de la circulation et l’apport de la lumière naturelle aux espaces en sous-sol par la création d’une trémie qui réorganise la distribution du Centre.

Transformation of a community center that supports local communities since ten years, and for whom the existing trust and confidence is crucial.
The space was built in the 1960’s for a supermarket, with storage in the basement. Now 30 different associations with a rich diversity of activities, ages and origins are getting together in rooms crossed by circulations and with little or no daylight, and low ceilings.
We are opening up a part of the slab to bring light to the basement, centralizing the circula¬tions and creating a new facade that balances between exposition and intimacy.
The new facade will welcome people and show the multitude of activities proposed by the center as well as offering a protected environment for users and staff.